We specialize in repainting existing residential homes in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Having worked with our residential customers, interior decorators and designers for over 10 years has given us the experience and knowledge to help you most when you wish to improve or maintain your home, one of your most valuable assets. We typically do not paint commercial buildings or new constructions.


We repaint existing homes and anything that needs painting or staining on the property. We work with the best products backed by professional prep work and application of paint to make sure that your house will look its best for many years. In preparation we may need to pressure wash the surface, remove peeling paint, prepare the surfaces with sanding, caulking and sometimes priming. We cover your plants and protect your lawn as much as possible. We remove trash after we are done.


No job is too small or too big for this company. We will treat each of our customers with the same respect whether you wish to have a small room painted or a mansion. Our goal is to have a professional result that will make you happy. In preparation we cover your furniture and surfaces that will not be painted to prevent paint splatters. We sometimes need to remove hardware or cover those. We clean and prepare the surfaces before painting by fixing damages, caulking, sanding and, if needed, priming. Applying paint is done with rollers and brush, but certain surfaces like pop-corn ceilings require spraying. We always let you know why we use a particular technique to give the best result. At the end of each job covers are removed, hardware re-installed, trash is collected.

Decks, railings and fences

We finish new and existing natural wood decks, fences and railings with a combination of natural finishes and paint. We believe that these structures are important design elements of your home, so protecting them from the elements and maintenance is a very important task. We make sure that your taste and professional painting/staining bring out the best in your home.

Pressure washing

We pressure wash exteriors and decks as preparation for finishing and painting, but also to maintain decks in between staining cycles to prevent mildew and mold formation.

Color consulting

Having worked with some of the most recognized lines of paint for over 10 years gives us the background to help you with the ever important task of selections the colors for your paint job. A good combination of colors can make a room or the exterior of your home, a bad selection can break it. We take your lifestyle, your taste and your budget into consideration when recommending a color schedule.

Professional cleaning

We know that painting can turn the house upside down. If you have no energy to do a major cleaning after the paint job is done, let us help you. We schedule the cleaning right after the painting is done.